Bathroom Remodeling

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Compared to a living room or a gourmet kitchen, the bathroom is one of the smaller spaces in a home. At 65% ROI, bathrooms are one of the most frequently remodeled areas of a home, if only for the solid investment. 

Not sure where to get started? Ask yourself these questions and take a look at our bathroom photo gallery for inspiration.

  • Who uses this bathroom the most?
  • How much time is spent each day in this bathroom?
  • What is restricting about the bathroom as it is? What features would I like to improve it?
  • When looking through Pinterest or Houzz, which styles most readily catch my eye? 

Need more in-depth bathroom remodeling advice? Check out our Beautiful Bathrooms report for information on styles and questions to ask a design firm. In the meantime, consider these basics: 

  • Ask a potential remodeler about prep time and what strategies are used in the process.
  • How is the bathroom treated around tile and wood to avoid rotting?
  • How much gutting time is estimated in your size bathroom?

See our portfolio of previous bathroom projects.

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