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3 Goals To Consider If You're Thinking About Remodeling Your Home

Posted by Jesse Smith on Mar 8, 2013 3:50:00 PM

3 GoalsGreat results in home remodeling don’t just happen. They come from a combination of careful planning, skillful execution and attention to detail. Whether you’re thinking about reimagining your kitchen, renovating your master bathroom or even doing a whole-house renovation of your Maryland home, there are three goals you’ll want to considerso that you end up with the results you want. You’ll want to think about function, form and budget.

Function: What do you want the space to do?You’ve heard that old adage: “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” It’s true for home renovation as well. If you really want to be satisfied with the results of your project—get specific. Why are you renovating in the first place? What are you hoping to accomplish? Make a list of what it is you want from your renovation. It might be more space. It could be a better flow of traffic from one room to another. Perhaps it’s better energy efficiency. Even if it’s something a bit more vague, such as increased comfort, jot down some specific things that will make you more comfortable. Why does this matter? As your project moves along you’ll face decisions about what to do. Having specific goals in mind helps you make deliberate decisions rather than arbitrary ones. And if you make good decisions, you’ll feel better about the process—and the results.

Form: How do you want the space to look and feel?How a space looks and feels is every bit as important as its functionality. And sometimes a new look is really the driving reason for a remodeling project. But once again, having specifics in mind will help you achieve the look and feel you want. Do you have a specific style in mind? Are you after a more open look that creates a feeling of more space? How will the different components of the room(s) work together to give you the look and feel you want? Which materials combine best to achieve the effect you’re after? Maybe you have some fine art you’d like to showcase. How will you handle your lighting so that it highlights your art?

Budget: How will you stay within your means? Thinking about your budget doesn’t have to kill the joy of your home renovation project. Not thinking about it can really suck all the enjoyment out of remodeling your home. It’s almost guaranteed that if you blow your budget, you won’t enjoy the results you’ve achieved—even if they’re spectacular. We’re not talking about going a little bit beyond what you first planned. That almost always happens. Hitting the exact dollar figure really isn’t your goal. Your goal is to get the most value out of what you can really afford. So set a realistic budget (your builder can give you a pretty good idea of what things should cost). Then work with your builder to develop a plan that can be accomplished within that budget. Will you hit it exactly? Probably not. But what you don’t want to do is start with one budget in mind and end up doubling the project's final costs.

So before you get too far down the road with your home remodeling plans, think about form, function and budget to make sure your plans take you where you want to go. And if you’d like a little bit of professional advice, we invite you to request a free design consultation. We’d be delighted to help you achieve your goals.

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